Automatic watering, fertilizing and spraying crops – even without the need for tracks – are no longer a thing of the future. It is possible today with the Drone4Agro developed by us. This drone carries 500 kilograms of spray liquid per flight and releases it again at the right locations above the crops. Each piece of agricultural land is optimally and completely cultivated independently. This without the need for anybody. The drone flies and does its work all by itself, during the day and also at night if you wish.

The downwash of the rotors almost completely prevents drift. The distance to the crop is minimal and even smaller than when spraying with a tractor. Drone4Agro is equipped with an automatic pilot and flight planner. He flies independently, on battery, and is triple redundant. Prefer the control stick in your hands? This drone can of course also be controlled manually from a distance. Take-off takes place from a docking station, where it lands again as soon as it is needed, recharges its battery and replenishes its supply of spray liquid, and then continues its tasks. Extra smart: after use, simply and quickly fold this drone into a small and handy format.

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