A drone with which injured people can be transported; this is Drone4Emergency. We developed this drone for civilian and military purposes. For example, defense can use the drone to remove wounded or fallen soldiers from a dangerous area without endangering other lives. The drone can also be used for rescue operations in disaster areas. This drone is specially designed and equipped for it; it measures four by four meters, weighs 130 kilograms and has a lift capacity of no less than 500 kilograms. The drone is an ideal alternative if the risk for a helicopter is too great for whatever reason.

Drone4Emergency brings people in every situation safely and quickly from A to B. At home and abroad, above flat terrain and from and to locations that are difficult to reach. With eight engines, the flying system is a so-called multirotor and can – by means of the automatic pilot and flight planner – fly independently on GPS coordinates. Two large batteries now keep the first prototype in the air for half an hour. We are working hard on a second prototype that is even lighter, stays in the air longer and has more lift capacity. We also want the drone to have collision avoidance, a technique that ensures that the drone avoids other flying objects.

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