Drone4FireFighting is the assistant of firefighters. An all-rounder, specially developed to help extinguish fires. With 500 liters of water or extinguishing powder per flight, this drone is able to extinguish fires from the air at height. The drone also simply takes a fire hose up, exactly to those places where a ladder cannot easily reach. Or to locations where you cannot fly safely with a helicopter.

The drone can be controlled manually from a distance, but it is also equipped with an automatic pilot and a flight planner is also built in. This allows him to fly completely independently, on battery, and he is also triple redundant. Drone4FireFighting takes off from a docking station, where he lands between the extinguishing flights to recharge the battery and replenish the water or extinguishing powder. Thanks to a smart design, this drone can be folded in no time – because every second counts – which makes transport between locations surprisingly easy.

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