Autonomous transport of many and heavy materials through the air has many advantages. In order to fully utilize this, we developed a drone that automatically transports large stocks and ‘sling’ loads. Packages, pallets, boxes and crates filled with both (stock) items and foodstuffs; this drone takes everything you want to wherever you want. With a maximum load capacity of no less than 500 kilograms, Drone4Logistics is a real powerhouse for air transport. And a financially attractive alternative to a helicopter, for example.

The drone is equipped with an automatic pilot and flight planner. Drone4Logistics flies completely independently, on battery, and it is also triple redundant. This drone takes off from a docking station, where after its transport work it also lands nicely again to recharge the battery. For those who would like to have the control stick in their own hands: the drone can of course also be controlled manually from a distance. And after work, he only asks for a small corner in your valuable storage space. Because: thanks to a smart design you can easily and quickly fold the drone into a surprisingly handy format.

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